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Things to Remember while Taking Generic Drugs

Posted On : 12 September, 2013


It is said that little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Having half knowledge about something can cause you more damage than any good. And when it comes to your health, no compromises should be made.


Generic drugs are immensely popular and widely available alternatives for branded medicines. As healthcare costs have been rising, generic drugs offer an affordable solution to the patients worldwide. Here are some things that you need to keep in mind while taking generic medicines –


  • Always ask your physician before taking a generic medicine.
  • Do not self diagnose and pop a generic drug. A generic medicine prescribed by your physician for a particular ailment is based on various underlying factors. Never take medicines on your own.
  • There are various health ailments that have similar symptoms but different diagnosis and any medication should not be followed just by taking in account the most common symptoms.
  • Always buy generic medicines from reputed and licensed generic medicines suppliers. Failure in doing so can cause serious health complications.


Keep these things in mind and ensure good health of you and your loved ones.